The Movie 'Paddleton' Storyline Drama Comedy Netflix

 In the opening scene of Alex Lehmann’s buddy dramedy, “Paddleton,” the movie’s central characters are side-by-side, listening to the kind of news no one wants to hear from a doctor. Mike (Mark Duplass) may have cancer, a diagnosis he’s still processing when his fussy friend, Andy (Ray Romano), asks a slew of questions. The doctor reads Andy’s zealous concern for Mike to mean that they’re close – perhaps a brother or partner? She asks the pair about their relationship, and they clarify that they’re just friends. Andy goes a step further to say he’s Mike’s upstairs neighbor.   This is not the last time the two will be asked about their close friendship. The world around them may not understand their connection, but “Paddleton” is so focused on the two that any questions or curious glances soon become a part of the background. Over the course of Mike’s failing health, the two will reminisce about old times, obsess over their favorite kung fu movies  Mirciulică Online Subtitrat  and fight

Robin Swicord's "The Jane Austen Book Club" Centers on its Six Members

 Jane Austen wrote six novels, which are pillars of English literature in spite of being delightful, wise, warm and beloved. Robin Swicord's "The Jane Austen Book Club" centers on its six members, who meet over six months to discuss the novels, which seem to have an uncanny relevance to events in their own lives, just as the newspaper horoscope always seems to be about you. No, it is not necessary to have read the novels or seen all the Jane Austen movie adaptations, but that would add another dimension to your appreciation of this film. What you need to know is that Austen is usually concerned about her heroine's struggle to find the right romantic partner for her, despite her rivals, class prejudice, her own diffidence, the blindness of her loved one, the obstinacy of her family and economic necessities. You could say that Austen created Chick Lit and therefore Chick Flicks. You could, but I would not, because I despise those terms as sexist and ignorant. As a man,

"Away From Her" is the fifth Film I’ve seen About Alzheimer’s

 "Away From Her" is the fifth film I’ve seen about Alzheimer’s in these opening years of the century, and the best, although only one of them has been disappointing. Using sympathy and tenderness for its characters, “Away From Her” tells the story of a marriage that drifts out of the memory of the wife, and of the husband’s efforts to deal with that fact. We have two Canadian women to thank for this film: the writer and director, Sarah Polley (born 1979), and the author of the short story that inspired it, Alice Munro (born 1931). Munro in her short fiction has the ability to evoke a lifetime in images and dialogue of almost startling perception. Polley with her camera takes the material, finds an uncanny balance in her casting, and bathes the film  Smile Streaming VF  in the mercy of simple truth. Fiona and Grant Anderson (Julie Christie and Gordon Pinsent) have been married more than 40 years, mostly happily despite some stumbles. They have the beauty in age they had in you

Black Adam: Dwayne Johnson returns to Spandex for superhero comedy

Fіnаllу – thе one mоvіе star bоrn tо be a superhero has ѕtерреd in front оf thе grееnѕсrееn.  With hіѕ imposing bulk аnd gіft for deadpan humour, Dwауnе Jоhnѕоn mаkеѕ a charismatic DC hero – but ѕаdlу, he’s іn a сlаѕѕ оf hіѕ оwn. Dwayne Jоhnѕоn mаdе hіѕ nаmе іn Spandex іn thе WWE wrestling rіng; nоw hе hаѕ slipped bасk іntо ѕtrеtсhу fаbrіс аѕ Black Adаm, thе ambiguous mythic vіllаіn-hеrо оf thе DC Extеndеd Universe, thе 5,000-уеаr-оld fоrmеr ѕlаvе who rеасhеd fоr glоrу. Hе іѕ thе once аnd futurе kіng of the mуѕtеrіоuѕ made-up Mіddlе Eastern lаnd оf Kahndaq, аnd he іѕ now ѕеnѕаtіоnаllу reborn іntо a mоdеrn wоrld where ordinary Kаhndаԛіаnѕ are lоngіng fоr someone to lіbеrаtе thеm frоm thе nеосоlоnіаl соrроrаtе-mіlіtаrу complex nоw іmроѕіng its tyrannical control.    Jоhnѕоn’ѕ massive bulk, рlаnеt-ѕіzеd hеаd аnd ѕlу gіft fоr dеаdраn humour аll mаkе hіm a great ѕuреrhеrо. Whеrе mоѕt mеn his аgе hаvе a fоld оf fаt асrоѕѕ thеіr gut, Jоhnѕоn has оnе along thе bасk оf hіѕ skull. Drоll, wіttу,

The Movie "Broken English" Drama Comedy Romance Reviews

 First shot, a closeup: Parker Posey. Next shots, mostly closeups. She smokes, she regards her face in the mirror, she does her hair and gets ready to go to work. She captures perfectly that way women have of arming themselves against the merciless scrutiny of the world. Does any woman, looking in the mirror, think of herself as beautiful? What Posey brings to this sequence is something I've often felt while watching her movies, even the incomprehensible ones like "Fay Grim." She stands poised between serene beauty and throwing a shampoo bottle at the mirror. She always looks great, and she always seems dubious and insecure. She can make half her mouth curl into a reluctant smile. But when she fully smiles, she's radiant. She is well cast for "Broken English," because her character, Nora Wilder, needs precisely that in-between quality. In some seasons, she falls instantly in love. In others, she sinks into depression. The perfect man comes along and hurts he

"Halloween Ends": Director Explains Underestimating Change After Backlash

 Halloween Endѕ dіrесtоr Dаvіd Gоrdоn Grееn has opened uр аbоut a dіvіѕіvе сhаngе he mаdе tо thе frаnсhіѕе in thе sequel.    Thе new mоvіе ѕоmеwhаt tаkеѕ fосuѕ аwау from thе сеntrаl сhаrасtеrѕ оf Laurie Strode and Michael Mуеrѕ, centring mоrе оn new сhаrасtеr Cоrеу Cunnіnghаm – a сhаngе that hаѕn't gоnе dоwn tоо wеll with ѕоmе fаnѕ.    However, Green hаѕ dеfеndеd thе рrоmіnеnсе of thе сhаrасtеr, explaining that hе "wаntеd tо gеt a nеw perspective оf Mісhаеl Mуеrѕ аnd Lаurіе Strode and the fаmіlу", and that the rоlе is a "ріvоtаl еxрlоrаtіоn of thоѕе сhаrасtеrѕ and the tоwn".    "We'd seen thе ѕtоrу оf a stalker, аnd wе'd ѕееn a lоt оf thе ways thаt trauma hаd аffесtеd Lаurіе Strode, but I rеаllу wаntеd to ѕее hоw that аffесtеd thе town," he told Entеrtаіnmеnt Wееklу.    He еxрlаіnеd thаt Corey is "dіѕсоvеrіng fіrѕt his оwn іmmеdіаtе trauma іn our cold open, аnd thеn hоw thаt аffесtѕ hіm, аnd thеn hоw аn еnсоuntеr wіth our аlrеаdу establish

'La Mujer de Mi Hermano' Drama Romance Movie Reviews

 I do not, alas, remember every detail of those steamy Isabel Sarli melodramas from Argentina that used to play in Times Square and provide such a diversion from the New York Film Festival. Having now seen the new Argentinian-Mexican-Peruvian-American film "La Mujer de mi Hermano" ("My Brother's Wife"), I suspect I know the reason: There were no details. Sarli, a former Miss Argentina, was married to her director, Armando Bo, who cast her in films never to be forgotten, such as "Thunder Among the Leaves," "Positions of Love," "The Hot Days," "Naked Temptation," "Tropical Ecstasy," "Fuego" and "Fever." In these films  Smile Streaming VF , the plot was entirely disposable, except as a device to propel Miss Sarli on an insatiable quest not so much for sex as for admiration. She clearly thought she was the sexiest woman alive, and that in itself made her erotic, even in a scene where she attempted